Luoo Stats - 落网数据分析

最近事比较多,死线逼迫着我。。。 非常的忙(lan), 不定期托更, 本着把事情做完的原则,还是把爬下来的落网数据慢慢分析完吧,用户数据和音乐数据一直存在一个数据库里没动。。

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Hilbert Transform

Hilbert Transform is a great tool for analyzing non-stationary time series. Fourier transform is defined as

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Cross the "wall" using V2ray

由于众所周知的原因,国内翻墙已经开始出现不稳的迹象。像shadowsocks之类的工具已经开始被干扰,作者们也被请去喝茶。 这个post所用的代理是v2ray,目前还没有被干扰。项目的官方网站是 Link: V2ray

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Infinite Convolution

Some Thoughts on Convolution

Encountered this problem when dealing with some iterative process. The question I wondering is ‘what is the form of n fold convolution when n goes to infinity?’ That is, given a initial filter $\omega$, find the result of infinite self-convolution

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Formant Synthesizer (2)


Continued from last article. First generate voice source by some basic signals, like buzz signals, white noise, pink noise, triangular wave etc. By experiment, buzz signal has better performance, which makes sense because it is close to human glottal impulses. Then let the voice source passes through a low-pass filter before going into formant filters. Finally add a filter to simulate the radiation characteristics.

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